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commercial buildings

Luftbild celle 1210a

We built a new production hall, including an office area for the company Winterhoff Edelstahl GmbH in the industrial area Hogrevestraße 37 in Celle in 2016/2017

Extension to the bakery Kerkow - Stendal

In July 2017, we completed the steel construction for the expansion of the Bakery Kerkow in Stendal. The facility has the following dimensions:

  • length: 18,00 m
  • width: 18,00 m
  • ridge height: 4,50 m

 Baekerei Kerkow web


Extension of a warehouse facility in Bismark – RinderAllianz

ibb is currently building a new warehouse facility for RinderAllianz Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH for their competence center "Rind", which is being built in Bismark. This building features the following dimensions:

  • length: 20,00 m
  • width: 18,00 m
  • ridge height: 6,50 m

The building was completed in May 2017. The picture shows among others Volker Schmidt of ibb (2nd from the left) and Dr. Matthias Löber from the RinderAllianz GmbH (1st from the right) at a press conference on site.

RSA Volker

Bild: Maik Bock

RSA 2017 3 neu

garage facilities for machinery and storage hall in Kremkau

GEMIZU Halle 2016

The building that houses garage facilities for machinery and a storage hall in Kremkau was completed in May 2016.

The building measures:

  • length: 48,0 m,
  • width: 25,0 x 2,0 x 6,0 m,
  • ridge height: 4,50 m.

and was commissioned by the company Agrarproduktion GEMIZU e. G. Kremkau.

 Bild GEMIZU 2016 roh

Construction of a production facility for Thermoplast Schönhausen


assembly of the production facility of Thermoplast Schönhausen


Due to the tidal catastrophe in 2013, the company Thermoplast GmbH in Schönhausen (Elbe) was severely affected. As a result, the entire operation had to be rebuilt again.

In 2014 ibb GmbH was entrusted with the construction of a complete production facility with integrated office area. On 17.07.2014 the building inspection by the responsible building authority took place. The hall measures 24 m x 54 m. We wish Thermoplast GmbH a lot of success in the new production facility


Construction of a warehouse facility in Jeggeleben


Lagerhalle in Jeggeleben
warehouse facility in Jeggeleben

The building inspection of the warehouse for the agricultural cooperative Schwarzbuntzucht e. G. in Jeggeleben (Kalbe / Milde) took place on 4 July 2013.

Ibb GmbH built a hall measuring 48 x 20 m with a canopy of 5 m.

Lucas Betonbauelemente and Mauerwerksbau in Lindstedt


Produktionshalle 1 mit Freilager und Bürobau

Production hall 1 with free warehouse and office area

 new construction of production hall 1 with a free warehouse and an office area

overall dimensions: 75,5 x 23,10 m
(built in 1998)

scope of services: 
general contractor

   Montage Produktionshalle 2 mit Freilager


assembly production hall 2 with open warehouse

Thormann Team GmbH Stendal

Construction of a car dealership with  garage for SKODA
dimensions: 45,5 m x 36,2 m in Stendal

Scope of services:

general contractor

Montage Autohaus Stendal
Fertigstellung Autohaus in Stendal
assembly  and completion car dealership in Stendal


Prämab GmbH Burg

Extension of the company premises in Burg

Production hall and office building

Scope of services:
general contractor

Montage Prämab GmbH
assembly at Prämab GmbH


Hochlandkulturen Steinicke GmbH


warehouse facilities

The following construction projects were carried out in Bismark and Lüchow for the company  Steinicke Hochlandkulturen:

warehouse  24,0 x 48 m in Lüchow  (2002)
warehouse  12,5 x 47 m in Lüchow  (2005)
warehouse  16,0 x 35 m in Bismark (2006)
warehouse  16,0 x 30,5 m in Bismark (2006)


Car Dealership ‚Mothor’ in Brandenburg

Construction of a new building for the SKODA car dealership ‘Mothor’ in Brandenburg
l/w: ca. 39,7/24,2 m
including an exhibition hall (in parts 2-storeys high) and workshop area

Scope of services:

general contractor

Mothor Autohaus in Brandenburg
car dealership "Mothor" in Brandenburg


Building for multi-purpose use in Bismark

Construction of a 2-field sports center
with semicircular front building extending over 2 storeys

intended for multi-purpose use

client: Township of Bismark
main hall constructed of masonry with reinforced concrete supports and steel girders

2-Feld-Sporthalle in Bismark
2-field sports center in Bismark


Fitnesscenter Salzwedel

construction of a fitness center in Salzwedel
client: I. Meyer, Fleetmark
35 m x 18 m

Scope of services:

general contractor

Montage Fitnesscenter
Fitnesscenter Salzwedel
assembly and fitness center in Salzwedel


Raiffeisenbank Kalbe/Milde


On behalf of the Raiffeisenbank Kalbe-Bismark eG, its head office in Kalbe was generously expanded in the year 2000.

500 m² effective area as a consulting and service center

Scope of services:

application for a building permit and construction management, steel construction, installation of heating and plumbing


Raiffeisenbank Kalbe
Raiffeisenbank Kalbe


Raiffeisen-Baumarkt in Bismark

In May 2012, the new building market of the Raiffeisen-Warengenossenschaft Stendal eG was completed. It is located in Karl-Marx-Straße in Bismark.



Industrial Painting Bismark (ILB) GmbH

In 2006, the Ingenieurbüro Bismark GmbH designed and built a facility for industrial painting and sand-blasting with the outer dimensions of 55.4 m x 26.4 m as well as a warehouse with the outer dimensions of 52.7 m x 24.4 m.

Fertigstellung ILB
assmebly and completion of ILB facilities


Gas Scrubbing Facility for the power plant in Datteln


construction period: 2009

manufacturing of platform constructions, landing systems and stairways with a total tonnage of 395 t, single piece weights up to 50 t

gas scrubbing facility


Construction of a production hall for Enßlen in Stendal

In order to meet the requirements of the future, the company Enßlen GmbH decided in 2013 to expand its business premises in the commercial area South-East II in Stendal. Therefore, ibb GmbH was commissioned by Enßlen GmbH to build a new production hall.

On 09.05.2014 the roofing ceremony for the new facility of the company Enßlen GmbH took place. In May 2014 the production hall was completed. The hall measures 20 x 30 m.

We would like to thank the company Enßlen GmbH as well as the Architekturbüro Klautzsch for the good cooperation and wish you every success.

Completion Extension UTS


In May 2009, the extension of a warehouse and dispatch hall to an existing warehouse of the company Umformtechnik Stendal UTS GmbH & Co. KG was completed.

Fertigstellung Anbau UTS
Completion of the extension for UTS