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Heating engineering and construction within ibb GmbH

    • The department of heating, ventilation and sanitary installation was founded in 1991.

      Our company is registered crafts enterprise as well as a contract installer of various utility companies, municipal utilities, associations for water and wastewater. In addition, we hold numerous individual approvals throughout the country.

      The department is designed in such a way that the building service systems, such as:

    •             Installation of water systems, sewage systems and plumbing
    •             Installation of heating systems
    •             Installation of electrical systems

can be processed in its entirety.

Because of the involved and in-depth process of the basic planning, including energy consulting and detailed design as well as the compilation of specifications, cost calculations and price offers up to the execution of the installation an optimal consultation and construction work can be guaranteed.

Planning and engineering are carried out CAD supported.

We work on building service systems for individual housing construction as well as for complex industrial and commercial construction and public buildings. This department of the company currently employs 8 people.

Based on solid technical equipment and the trained professional staff, our company is authorized to carry out work in the field of installation of gas systems 

  •       installation of drinking water systems
  •       installation of drainage systems
  •       for the installation of facilities with water-hazardous liquids according to WHG
  •       for the installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.