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Air Traffic Control Towers (ATC)


Aside from building a wide range of other products, ibb has been manufacturing customized air traffic control towers for more than 20 years. Not only in Europe, but also in Central Asia, in the Near East and in Central America, airfields are equipped with air traffic control towers manufactured by IBB.

Ibb prides itself on its in-house, full service architectural and engineering capabilities, which offer clients coordinated and thorough projects. Due to a computer-assisted and thus powerful design, all customer requirements regarding design and technology can be met to the fullest.

The steel structures are manufactured on modern and high-performance NC-controlled production lines. Well-trained and reliable assembly personnel ensure a high-quality assembly of the air traffic control towers, even under adverse logistical, climatic and infrastructural conditions.


Air Traffic Control Tower Donetsk - Ukraine

In July 2011 the construction of the ATC in Donetsk, Ukraine began and was finished in time for the 2012 European Football Championships.

Towerkanzel Donezk Ukraine (September 2011)
ATC Donesk Ukraine (September 2011)


Air Traffic Control Tower in Lviv - Ukraine

In 2012 the installation of the ATC in Lviv (Lemberg) in the Ukraine commenced. The ATC was finished in time for the 2012 European Football Championships.

Towerkanzel Lviv (Lemberg) UKRAINE
ATC Lviv (Lemberg) UKRAINE


Air Traffic Control Tower built by ibb in Equatorial Guinea


Mongomeyen in Äquatorial Guinea
Mongomeyen in Equatorial Guinea

In the summer of 2008 the assembly of the ATC in Mongomeyen in Equatorial Guinea began. Earlier this year, the complete steel structure of the ATC had been manufactured in individual parts in the factory in Bismark.

The 14-corner trapezoidal unit has a diameter of approx. 13.5 m. This material was sent in six sea containers on the long journey from Antwerp to Cameroon and then by truck 800 km through the jungle to the airport Mongomeyen. This airport is currently being built in the middle of the jungle. Around 900 workers from all over the world are involved in the construction of the airport, including five IBB employees for the duration of the assembly of the ATC.

From August to October 2008 Dipl.-Ing. Volker Schmidt (engineer), the assemblers Jens Dittberner, Norbert Müller, Uwe Breitkreutz and Tim Becker and the master roofer Manfred Jäger were erecting the ATC in Mongomeyen. Despite the damp, hot climate and the rainy season that prevailed at that time, the assembly date could be held and the ATC be finished in accordance with the contract in October 2008.

Air Traffic Control Tower for the International Airport Athens, Greece


In 2001, ibb built the control tower at the International Airport in Athens. This unit is octagonal and about 15 meters in diameter, and was erected 58 meters above the ground. The GTCL, the control center for ground movements at the airport, is resting below it. This unit was also built by ibb.


International Airport Athen
International Airport Athens - Greece


Air Traffic Control Tower in Ulan-Bator -Mongolia

In 1997 an octagonal ATC for the international airport of the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator was built, in cooperation with the BAN 2000 GmbH.

The pre-built ATC was transported over 12,000 km on the Trans-Siberian railway to Mongolia. There German assemblers rebuilt the unit on the sixth floor of the airport building on site.

Flughafen Ulan-Bator
airport Ulan-Bator