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Profile of IBB - Ingenieurbau Bismark GmbH

The limited liability company of Ingenieurbüro Bismark GmbH (ibb) was founded in 1990 and is located in 39629 Bismark. Bismark is a small town in the northern part of the province of Saxony-Anhalt. Currently, there are 45 people in employment with ibb.

The core area of the company is the sector of steel construction as well as plant engineering. The product profile extends to the design, manufacturing and installation of turn-key factory halls as modular designs as well as customized designs. The steel buildings that have been planned and build by ibb have nationwide extensive applications in the field of commerce and industry as well as in the field of agriculture.     

During its corporate development over the past years the Ingenieurbüro Bismark GmbH (ibb) also specialized in the design and manufacturing as well as the assembly of air traffic control towers for both, the domestic and the international market.

Air traffic control towers "Made in Bismark" are by now located worldwide at airports on all continents.

There are 3 high-capacity CAD systems for the design and development work available at ibb.

The manufacturing of the structures takes place in a factory hall with 6.000 m² surface area.

The core element of this modern production technology is a CNC drilling and sawing facility, model PCD 1100/1100 DG, which allows almost completely machine-aided processing of steel profiles with a height of 1.100 mm and a length of 22 m. A computer-controlled NC-drilling and burning line enables the automatic manufacturing of thermally-cut parts made from sheet metal with a thickness of up to 60mm.

The manufacturing of industrial guard rails and hand rails at our production facility is carried out by a modern CNC mandrel tube bending machine with an integrated roller and ring bending device. 11 radio controlled overhead cranes facilitate the handling of steel constructions with a single piece weight of up to 15 t.  

A modern and high-capacity continuous all-side shot blasting machine with a maximum width of 1.500 mm and a newly built facility for airless spray painting and under-floor extraction with a 500 m² surface area ensure a high-quality performance of color coatings and anti-corrosion coatings.

Steel constructions manufactured by ibb are being assembled by our own experienced assembly staff, using our own mobile cran technology.  

The service profile of ibb includes furthermore the assembly of ISP-roof and wall panels as well as the assembly of gates, doors. skylights, etc.   

The company Ingenieurbüro Bismark GmbH employs highly qualified architects and experienced engineers who are able to prepare the planning of complex construction projects as well as the implementation of qualified construction management and installation management respectively.

The business division of engineering and installation of heating systems as well as the installation of sanitary equipment and ventilation carries out planning services as well as turnkey installations.

The ibb is certified according to the requirements of the standard DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2000 since December of 2000 and is also in possession of the manufacturer qualification for welding of structural steelwork according to DIN 18800-7 : 2002-09 for different welding processes.

  • 111 Manual Arc Welding (E)
  • 135 MAG-welding (t MAG)
  • 783 Drawn Arc Stud Welding (DS)

As a company ibb is qualified according to DIN EN 473 for magnetic particle inspection Level 2 MT (weld sean crach detection).

In 1999 ibb expanded and included the affiliate company SMA Stahl-,  Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Stendal GmbH  (SMA) in the corporate group structure. Within the business divisions of mechanics and steel construction are 67 people in employment with SMA and this company developed to be an efficient and leading manufacturer of industrial plants and a qualified supplier of steel constructions with a single piece weight of up to 40 t.